About Lawless Luke, Delta Blues Bottleneck Slide Guitar Player & Composer

This section is all about Lawless Luke.  It will hopefully give you some insight into my background and what I’m all about.  I’m a Coventry based musician from the UK.  I’ve been playing Slide Guitar for over 5 years and the guitar for over 18 years.  I’ve got an Honours Bachelor degree in Music Composition and various other music related qualifications.  I play in numerous bands performing guitar, drums (which coincidentally was my first instrument) & vocals. In 2014 I released my first album under the name of Steel Box Theories which was an industrial progressive metal album. You can find the album across all major digital distributors, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.  I have worked in various industries, publishing, financial and energy before finally (after many years) taking the plunge to pursue my music career full time in 2018.

I’ve given up a life of comfort and routine to pursue my true purpose which is challenging, exciting and just a little bit frightening at the same time!

“Why Delta Blues Bottleneck Slide Guitar?”…

I think in my early teens the first artist that got me into the Blues and kick-started my obsession with resonators guitars, was G.Love and Special Sauce.  That cool laid back sound and sloppy blues style just blew me away.  I grew up listening to hard rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones.  I never truly understood the influence early Delta Blues music had on these pioneers.  Throughout my teens I was always attracted to darker, heavier music and experimental music of Rage Against the Machine, Placebo and Primus.  Then throughout University my listening was geared towards bands like Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Killswitch Engage; hence the Steel Box Theories project.  It wasn’t until about 6 or 7 years ago I really started listening and paying attention to Robert Johnson and Blind Willie Johnson.

Blind Willie Johnson’s record ‘Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed’ was heavier, deeper and more soulful than anything I had heard before.  I mean it sounds like the man is literally just waiting to die.

Couple with that with the melodic but deliciously dark slide guitar, that is one powerful combination…I was hooked!  I then started researching more and more into Delta Blues Bottleneck Slide Guitar. The sounds, the stories I just find them absolutely fascinating.  You can find out more about Lawless Luke‘s musical style by exploring his music.

“How can I get involved or support you?”…

Quite a simple one really, you can buy some stuff in my shop or bandcamp page.  Now that you have read more about Lawless Luke why not subscribe to my mailing list, come see me at a show and/or tell some of your friends about me.  This is now my full time career path so any support is greatly appreciated and goes towards putting food in my belly and keeping a roof over my head.  That way I can continue to provide you guys with great Delta Blues Slide Guitar content.

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