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If you're looking for an artist that is doing something completely different, you've come to the right place. Time to strap on, strap in and claim your spot.

100% independent

I don't have any record labels or management telling me what to do, so you get the music as it should be uncensored and awesome.

Innovating with respect

I take innovation from early blues and blend it with other styles... so that you get something truly unique, which also keeps blues tradition alive.

"Track sounds awesome. A real evolution..."

- Neil Rickatson (ProveMotion)

Still need convincing? Shucks, here's some other great reasons to take the tour...

Unique experience

I've decided to release this EP in a completely unique way, so that you get a completely immersive experience. It doesn't end with the music, there's loads more inside!

Exclusive content

This tour is crammed full of exclusive Lawless Luke content that is not available anywhere else, so you get bragging rights and first dibs on epic new content.

Free stuff!

It's free! Yep that's right you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. You get to experience Lawless Luke's latest release in a unique way at no cost.

This is what I do...

Deliciously dark blues slide guitar riffs over mesmerising industrial loops

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There's loads more epic content available on the tour, claim your spot now.
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"Love Devil at Your Door. Great song and great playing."

- Alistair Robinson

What makes Lawless Luke different?

I’m not trying to be or sound like anybody else.  I take bits from different styles that I like, stick it all in a big musical blender add a bit of Mamas secret hot sauce, and then BOOM the rest is history.

This debut EP is all about blues slide guitar, whilst also blending other influences. From hip hop to industrial metal, you can expect something truly unique.  

My background is in composition and for a while now  I’ve been obsessed with the sound of the old blues players from the early 20th Century from Blind Willie Johnson to Son House and everyone in between. I really wanted to make a record that incorporates this style but puts my own spin on it.  

I believe this tour is a really interesting and exciting way for you to explore the music, and the stories behind the music.  So, what are you waiting for?  Take the tour and experience my debut EP in all it’s glory completely FREE of charge, I’ll see you on the inside…

Lawless Luke | Blues Slide Guitar | Composer

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