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Welcome to the final day of your unique Lawless Luke EP experience...

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Day 6

Hello and welcome back!  This is the final day of the tour, thank you for sticking with it, it’s been emotional.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and the experience has been a bit more exciting than most album/EP launches that you’ve experienced.  Please do send me an email if you’ve enjoyed the tour, I would love to hear from you:  As I’m sure you can imagine pulling together this experience for you and creating the EP takes a lot of time and effort, so any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

The last song for today is called ‘Black Swan’ and I wrote this one whilst travelling down the west coast on the South Island in New Zealand near Hokitika.  The lyrics were actually inspired by a number of Black Swans that we kept seeing near various lakes.  We don’t have Black Swans here in Blighty so I did a double take!  At the time of writing this song I was going through quite a big personal transisiton.  I saw the arrival of the Black Swans as a metaphor for dealing with personal change and self doubt.   

When you listen you’ll no doubt notice that I inhaled some helium prior to recording and sang like a woman…there’s a good reason for that; sometimes when writing a song you’ve got to get out of your own way, and I could really hear a female vocal singing the melody.  So I asked my wife Laura to sing the lyrics and I think it worked out perfectly.  You may see some original collaborations from us in the future.     

That draws things to a close for now although, I will be in touch tomorrow with a very special offer just for you…so keep those eyes peeled!

"The wind caressed my words like a memory, carried far to a world I cannot see..."

"Black Swan"

Written, performed & produced by: Lawless Luke

Mixed and Mastered by: Lawless Luke

Guest Appearance: Laura Janes (Lead Vocals)



Verse 1

Destruction all around carried by the sea,

Drift through tides obediently,

The wind caressed my words like a memory,

Carried far to a world I cannot see.



Black Swan your time awaits,

Black Swan don’t anticipate your fate,

Black Swan.


Verse 2

Do you believe in God or the possibility,

Who can judge? When beauty lives so free,

Moonlight shining down bathe in the debris,

Black sand all around whispering to me.



Black Swan your time awaits,

Black Swan don’t anticipate your fate,

Black Swan your time awaits,

Black Swan why can’t you accept your place,

Black Swan.

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