This new Delta Blues Slide Guitar song called ‘The Old BC’ is about the Beautiful British Columbia in Canada.  It was written on my trusty 6 string Cigar Box Guitar, with my bottleneck glass slide whilst traveling through Canada, with my sweetheart and wife Laura on our epic 6 month honeymoon.

It’s a mixture of styles with Delta Blues Slide Guitar, Bottleneck Blues Slide Guitar, hip hop beats and First Nation world musical influences. Recorded, written and produced by Lawless Luke with Laura Tetlow adding some lush vocals at the end. Created in GarageBand on the road between Canada and New Zealand.  It’s also available at a large variety of music sites worldwide.

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Released 14th November 2017

Lawless Luke

© all rights reserved



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Lawless Luke, Delta Blues Slide Guitar player & composer, The Old B.C., Lake Peyto, Canada
Taken at Lake Peyto, Canada. © 2017 Lawless Luke.
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