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Hello & welcome to my site, I’m glad you are here. My name is Lawless Luke & I’m a Delta Blues Slide Guitar player & Slide Guitar composer from Coventry in the UK. This site is here to do two things:

  • Entertain you & keep you up to date with the awesome new Delta Blues Slide Guitar influenced music that I produce.
  • Give you some insight into how to play Delta Blues Slide Guitar, Slide Guitar, Bottleneck Blues Slide Guitar and all the variations via my blog.

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Lawless Luke, Delta Blues Slide Guitar player & composer Logo

The Old BC is the latest Delta Blues Slide Guitar influenced track from Lawless Luke, I wrote this song whilst traveling in the Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  The track is a blend of Delta Blues Slide Guitar, Hip Hop beats and World Music, so let me transport you to one of the most beautiful place on earth.  Sit back and imagine yourself sitting there taking in the beautiful scenery whilst plucking your favorite Cigar Box Guitar & sipping an ice cold beer…enjoy.




I sing songs about the Devil and whatever else takes my fancy, drawing influence from the early pioneers of Delta Blues Slide Guitar & Bottleneck Blues Slide Guitar. I take this and stick it in a big melting pot with some alternative rock, hip hop beats and a dash of electronica to create something deliciously dark...


To accompany the wonderful music I produce, I also create astounding videos featuring, yes you guessed it, me playing Slide Guitar! To ensure all your senses are stimulated...Well maybe not all of your senses, this isn't that type of site... Expect lizards that walk backwards and lots of Delta Blues Slide Guitar videos.


As I'm such a good looking chap, I thought to myself, 'what do my fans want to see?...I know great big pictures of my face looking moody and like a total badass, holding a Resonator Slide Guitar. You can click the link below to see some of those incredible pictures in a beautiful gallery... You're welcome.

Lawless Luke Blog

Here’s my latest Blog content, it’s chock full of great Slide Guitar content and is updated regularly.  Content tends to be about Lawless Luke news i.e. new songs, product releases, insight into the creative process, etc.  I also focus on Delta Blues Slide Guitar songs that I have covered recently offering technical insight into these songs and some greats hints and tips on how to play Slide Guitar.  To ensure you don’t miss out subscribe for regular updates. 

Visit my blog for further info.  

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Who I Am. What I Do.

I’m a Coventry based Delta Blues Slide Guitar player & composer from Coventry UK, and I’ve been playing bottleneck blues slide guitar for over 5 years and the guitar for over 18 years, I’ve also got an degree in Music Composition and various other Music related qualifications.  I’ve given up a life of comfort and routine to pursue my true purpose which is challenging, exciting and just a little bit frightening at the same time!


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