Privacy Policy

My Privacy Policy

Your privacy is hugely important to me.

You’ve been kind enough to provide me with the necessary personal details in order to build a relationship with and/or receive a service from Lawless Luke. I therefore have a duty of care in ensuring that your data is used appropriately and stored safely and securely.

The purpose of the below information is to answer any questions you may have regarding how I collect, use & protect your data.

What information do you collect?

For customers subscribing to my mailing list:  I collect your name & email address.

For customers completing a purchase in my shop: I collect your name, billing address, deliver address, email and phone number.

How does it get collected and what are you going to use it for?

For customers subscribing to my mailing list: I will receive your information when you type it into the subscription box on my website. I will use it to send you regular content that you have subscribed to receive.

For customers making purchase in my shop: I will receive your information when you complete an order. I will use this information to fulfil your order, and keep you updated on the progress of this order.

For customers emailing me: I will only request information that is relevant to the enquiry. It is the customers’ responsibility to not supply additional information that may be later viewed as sensitive or unnecessary to the enquiry.

How do I keep your information safe?

  • I wont collect more data than I actually need.
  • Only I will be able to access your data and even then only when necessary.
  • My hardware will be under lock and key when not in use.
  • I regularly update my software to block unauthorized access to digital data
  • I will not share your information

Our website was created using Wordress which is a website design platform.  You can read their Privacy Policy here.
Our website is hosted by A2 hosting, which is a web hosting company.  You can read their Privacy Policy here.

Can you request to have your data erased?

Yes! In line with the new GDPR legislation, you have the right to request the removal of your personal data. This is also referred to as the ‘right to be forgotten’. To do this, please contact me via the form on my contact page. By law I have a month to respond to your request but I will endeavour to take action at the earliest opportunity.

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