This is where it all started, this is the first Lawless Luke – live demo.  This live demo is a collection of original compositions created with Delta Blues Slide Guitar influences and performed live by Lawless Luke on my Resonator Steel Guitar, with a Bottleneck Blues Glass Slide, stompbox and blues vocals. The style is loud raucous foot stomping Delta Blues Slide Guitar. All performed, mixed and recorded by Lawless Luke.


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Released 4th March, 2017

Lawless Luke

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Devil At Your Door


Devil At Your Door, is the first track on the Lawless Luke Live Demo.  I first thought up this track when listening to Tom Jones and Seasick Steve playing some stripped down Delta blues slide guitar thing.  I was inspired that I picked up the resonator guitar, bottleneck glass slide and I wrote this Delta Blues Slide Guitar inspired track in Open D tuning. For me the song has become more poignant in recent years, especially with the continued rise of greedy and corrupt politicians like Trump and Putin.  It certainly feels like we have a number of Devils knocking on our doors.  Batten down the hatches, we are in for a bumpy ride! #fucktrump


When I die, I pray my soul to rest, In this city, they’ll cut you down like a new born lamb, wont you hold me close tonight, the winters cold, the wind it bites, look to the sky, she bleeds, just like a pagan sacrifice.

When I cut you… down, these thorns become your crown, He will knock three times, there’s a devil here tonight.

You can whisper he might not hear… ain’t no doubt he’ll smell your fear, He’s been here before, hear him knocking on your door!

He will break it…down, Destroy your bleeding crown, He will cut you while you sleep, your soul is his to keep.

Listen out, he’s near, He was drawn out by your fear, There’s no escape nowhere to hide, the sound of blood, it never lies!

When he cuts you… down, You will wear his crown, He will knock three times, there’s a devil here tonight.

Whilst You're Gone


The second track on the Lawless Luke Live Demo, is ‘Whilst You’re Gone‘ and it definitely has Delta Blues Slide Guitar written all over it.  I wrote this song about the time I had just started learning material by the great Delta Blues Slide Guitar artists; Tampa Red and Gus Cannon. There’s also some heavy riff based stuff going on here which I love the sound of, and gives a heavier element to the song. I hope you enjoy this track as much as I enjoy playing it. 

This Delta Blues Slide Guitar track is written in Open D tuning, and performed on my Michael Messer Lightning resonator guitar which is amplified through my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 3 tube amp, vocals have been recorded on a Green Bullet which has been routed through a Boss Blues Driver pedal.


While you’re gone, said I’m gonna sing your song, while you’re gone, said I’m gonna sing your song.

Going way down low, nobody needs to know, how you make me bleed, like a buzzard to the breeze.

While you’re gone, said I’m gonna sing your song, while you’re gone, said I’m gonna sing your song.

Going way down South, they’re living hand to mouth, they’re playing delta blues, nobody’s gonna lose.

How can they breach you, when your hearts as cold as mine?  Don’t let them touch you, we’ll build castles in the sky. You’re as cold as ice, broken dreams will never lie.  Kiss like fire babe, one heart true desire.

Before you let them catch you please,
Just call on me…before you let them catch you please, just call on me…

Heart Of Gold


The third track on the Lawless Luke live demo is ‘Heart of Gold‘.  I finished writing this track in St Ives, Cornwall, one of my most favorite places in the world.  It was in between surfing sessions and outside a hobbit hut where we were staying.

I’ve taken a lot of influence from the early Delta Blues Slide Guitar players with this song such as Tampa Red; I’ve tried to mimic the melody line on the resonator guitar with my glass slide and kept a consistent bass line playing throughout. I’m not really sure what this song is about, love, nature and things like that I suppose.

As with all the songs on this Lawless Luke live demo I’ve recorded it live on my Michael Messer Lightning Resonator Guitar in Open D tuning, using a stompbox for percussion and putting the vocals through a Shure Green Bullet with a bit of distortion. the guitar is amped through my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube amp to give it that authentic Delta Blues Slide Guitar sound y’all. Recorded with Logic Pro 8. I hope you like.


Can’t you see, you’re hurting here before, didn’t you realise, before you walked out the door, I don’t mind, I’ll let them take your soul, It won’t be long till you lose.

Don’t you ever let her go, you know, she’s got a heart of gold.

The world’s unkind, broken and deformed, mother nature, will be forever mourned, we don’t care, what you say, won’t be long till the.

Don’t you ever let her go, you know, she’s got a heart of gold. don’t you ever let her go, don’t let them take your soul.

Time will show, just what you know, time will tell, if you’re in hell!

Don’t you ever let her go, you know, she’s got a heart of gold.

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