Photos of Delta Blues Slide Guitar Player & Composer Lawless Luke

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to the official photo gallery section of my website.  Here you will find great big photos of my face, looking bad ass whilst holding a resonator steel slide guitar.  The photos were taken near Spon End in Coventry, UK courtesy of Redwood Photography in 2014.   For more recent photos check out my Instagram account.

Check out my music

If you’ve just found me, you should check out my Delta Blues Bottleneck Slide Guitar music.  I take influence from the old Delta Blues Slide Guitar and Bottleneck Blues Slide guitar players from the Mississippi Delta

To keep the music authentic to the early Delta Blues Slide Guitar style, I write mostly in open D and open G tuning.  However I also sometimes dabble with standard tuning as well.  I enjoy putting my own spin on the Delta Blues Slide Guitar style, so whilst it’s not always 100% faithful, I like to think that it retains some of the stylistic elements.

What to expect from my Delta Blues Bottleneck Slide Guitar music

In terms of subject matter I mostly sing songs about the devil, whisky, women & finding yourself.  You know all the good stuff you need to make a really good blues record.  I also like to try and incorporate modern styles such as rock, metal, hip hop, world, to bring things up to date.  I think you would probably classify my music as roots rock music, or some kind of variation on this.  However I’ve never been one for labels and I’m no blues purist; as far as I’m concerned if it works musically it’s in.

Anyway enough of my incessant babble, sit back, crank the volume, pour yourself a cold one and enjoy that Delta Blues Slide Guitar sound. 


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Take it easy,

Lawless Luke.

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