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I’m very excited to announce the release of a brand spanking new Blues Slide Guitar song called “It Always Tends To End This Way” by…ME! I really hope you’re going to enjoy this original composition. Hopefully you will be dancing around the room just like I was in my home recording studio. As I’m ridiculously famous now I’ve been contacted by one of my favorite characters from Doctor Who, K9 the dog! He’s asked me to do an interview about my latest Blues Slide Guitar track. So without further ado, take it away K9!

Your new song is very brilliant, where did you get the inspiration for it?

Lawless Luke, "K9 in Slide Guitar interview", Blues Slide Guitar player & composer, from Coventry, West Midlands, UK
K9 hard at work interviewing me with his mini travel mic, he always comes prepared…

Why thank you K9, it’s always great to have a fan. Yes well I was sat around plinky plonkying on my guitar box, and all of sudden this awesome mega cool riff appeared and I was all like “Waaaahhhhhhh that’s a cool riff, I gots to make that in to a song”. So I did. For the lyrics I kept things quite light in rhetoric; you know so talking about things like substance abuse, self destructive behavior coupled with a healthy dose of narcissism. You know all the things the kids are into nowadays. That reminds I really must update my Instagram account after this interview…

Sounds dreamy…what musical influences did you draw on for this Blues Slide Guitar Song?

Lawless Luke Detroit hat with "The Black Ace Card" on amp, Delta Blues Slide Guitar player & composer, from Coventry, West Midlands, UK
If you’re a regular subscriber you will know that I recently released my cover of “I Am The Black Ace”, naturally some of that Texas Blues influence bled through…

What a good looking question K9! At the time of writing I was listening to a lot of Delta Blues and Texas Blues, in particular Robert Johnson and Buck Babe Turner. Which naturally bled through into the slide guitar style of playing. I was also listening to a lot of Queens of The Stone Age’s new album Villains, which is just fantastic. I have recently started experimenting with Hammond Organ and Synth sounds on my tracks through Garageband, with my iPad Pro. It has just opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me sonically, which is really exciting.

How did you make this new Blues Slide Guitar song?

Lawless Luke, "Editing 'It Always Tends To End This Way'", Blues Slide Guitar player & composer, from Coventry, West Midlands, UK
Here I am in action mixing my new Blues Slide Guitar song, complete with a mug featuring Me and the Mrs…

If you check out my previous blog; “Here’s 8 steps that I used to write my latest Delta Blues Slide Guitar song”, I talk a bit about the compositional process that I follow. In terms of equipment it was all recorded in Garageband using my iPad Pro, using an iRig Pro Duo as an audio interface. I recorded the guitar using my Michael Messer Lighting Guitar, and used a Jim Dunlop Glass Slide for the Blues Slide Guitar work. I also recorded the Electric Guitar parts on my Yamaha Revstar RS320, which plays like a dream!

You will also notice that the wonderful Laura Janes has helped me on backing vocals, it’s always handy having a professional singer in the household. Vocals were recorded using my Samson C03 condensor microphone with Samson PS01 pop shield, and a Samson SP01 shock mount. Great budget mics which give a great sounding vocal recording.

Where can we buy or listen to this great track?

At the moment the track is only available to buy on Bandcamp, you can follow the links here or above. You can also stream the track directly from Soundcloud. I’m planning to release an EP later this year and this track may feature on it!

As always thanks for reading my Lawless Luke blog.  If you like the post please subscribe here for regular updates.

Take it easy, Lawless Luke.

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